Found An Animal? Injured, Abused, Dumped or Neglected Animal?

If you care about animals, you need to lead on helping your ‘animal-in-need’ by reading this page in full, proven-successful-solutions are on this page!  Consider using our OPEN RESCUE program (which is mentioned below too)    

Unfortunately the overpopulation, lack of no-kill shelters and under sterilization of animals in Puerto Rico is a HUGE problem. The Documentary 100,000 The Movie will educate you on the difficult situation.  Our work and the situation for the homeless animals in Puerto Rico has been reported on by CNN Senior Writer and Editor Heather Long in “Puerto Rico has become ‘dead dog island” and Horse Nation Standing Ovation.   Please be aware animals do have legal rights in Puerto Rico – familiarize yourself with Law 154 Animal Protection and Welfare.

PLEASE DON’T LEAVE a sick, injured, neglected or reproducing animal on the streets. It is just adding to the problem. It is cruel to the animal. Animals reproduce, get sick and suffer on the streets. 

Is the Animal a Dog or Cat ?

#1 You Can Take The Animal Out of Puerto Rico – As your pet,  a friend’s pet or to a rescue group/shelter

Flying animals from Puerto Rico to the USA  is easy and not that expensive when you consider it is likely saving that animals life.  Once in your home area,  you (or a friend) can keep the animal as your pet or take the animal to a NO KILL SHELTER  or  foster the animal while Defensa helps you market the animal for adoption.   We have a Travel Page to help you.  If you would like financial help from Defensa with this option you will need to read our Travel page first and than follow the Open Rescue Program.  Defensa does not have a staff so we can not handle the logistics of flying your animal but you can still use the Open Rescue Program and find help.

#2 – You can Use The Defensa Open Rescue Program  / Vet Services & Marketing for Adoption / Includes Cat TNR

Follow the steps described HERE on our Open Rescue Page.   In the end, You, the ‘rescuer’ gets to decide who adopts your rescue.   You can decide on yourself as the forever home for your street rescued animal or do a cat TNR(trap,neuter/spay,release) BUT you still need to follow the Open Rescue Program steps.

#3 – You Can Help With Emergency Animal Care

If there is an emergency situation visit our Vets Page and contact the Emergency Cabo Rojo Clinic listed towards the bottom.

#4 – You Can Assist With Endangered, Mistreated or Dead Animals

911 does work in Puerto Rico.   But going into your local police station is the best form of action.  You can start with 911, ask for the local office near you, they can 3-way call and hopefully explain the situation, find a local officer/office for you to go into – politely remind them of Law 154 that protects animals from abuse – as well as if the situation involves a horse that is endangering traffic/people.  We have found if you are polite and persistent, you will find a law official willing to respond.  They should give you a Case number.  If they fail to create a case and/or give you a case number please get the officer’s name and badge number and email it to us so we can contact authorities.   It is the law, they must respond.

Numbers you can call in Rincon –

The Rincon State Police 787-823-2020

The Rincon City Police 787-823-4668

Rincon City Hall 787-823-2180

Public Works (dead animal pick up)  787-823-2882

If you are not getting the response you desire, you may need to go to the local office to follow up with your calls or to file in person.

You are the best chance for helping that animal. And the law is on your side!! Many PR cities, including Rincon, have Volunteer Animal Abuse Officers you can reach thru the local Police Station. They normally do this work part time so you do need to follow up and press that Law 154 Puerto Rican Animals Have Wellness & Protection Laws be enforced

# 5 – Lost or Found Dog or Cat

You can use our Facebook/DefensaRincon page to post the animal asking if anyone knows the animal.  Also make the post to any local Facebook group to the area where you found the animal (we have some listed on the very bottom of our Open Rescue page)

You can put up flyers around the area – post office, feed stores, markets, police stations, etc.

Animals are dumped often, even wearing collars, so consider all the steps on this page to rescue the animal.

#6 – As a LAST RESORT …. You Can Take The Animal To a Kill Shelter

We hate even putting this down as an option. But if you can not do one of the above options, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE a sick, injured, neglected or reproducing animal on the streets. It is just adding to the problem. It is cruel to the animal. Animals reproduce, get sick and suffer on the streets. Please don’t turn your back on any animal in need you see in Puerto Rico. Around Rincon, Villa Michelle in Mayaquez (787-834-4510) is a shelter that most always will take in an animal.  But Villa Michelle is NOT A No Kill Shelter.  Directions to Villa Michelle can be found on our Vets Page

Is the Animal a Horse?

If the animal is a horse that needs water  – please take it water in a bucket.  If you would like to learn to interact with horses to help when you see one on a rope please consider attending our Free Horse Class.

If the horse is laying completely flat/prone don’t panic.  Horses do lay this way (normally when they feel very safe).  As long as they get up eventually, all is good (don’t panic if you see a prone horse, just check back).

If it is something more serious please read our Horses Page

Is the Animal a Rooster or Pig or Bird or Turtle or Fish or Monkey?

To find any of the above a home you can post to the Defensa Facebook page – bilingual with one great photo and specific details on exactly what you need (please don’t forget exact location and contact information).  Following are some groups that help with specific types of animals.

Roosters contact Jose from SOS Gallos- from Facebook Here or from his Blog Here

Beachfront or Ocean issues contact the DRNA (Departamento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales) at for San Juan 787-999-2200 or 787-882-1605 for Aguadilla area

Report Marine Life 1-877-942-5343

Sea Turtles / Ocean Turtles facebook message Tortugas Marinas

Fish or Wildlife contact Fish and Wildlife

Monkey report to Natural Resources: (787) 882-5752, 882-4283 & 882-5893